Friday, August 28, 2009

A Big Day

This morning when I dropped Kendra off at school, I am pretty sure all her teeth were in place, intact, with not a wobble in sight. I know because I checked very thoroughly yesterday afternoon after she had bemoaned the fact that all of her friends had lost teeth, and she had not lost any.

Now, not even eight hours later she has COMPLETELY lost her first tooth, just like that!

I have been informed that I am responsible for this due to the particularly hard apples that I put in the girls lunches today.

I anticipate that tonight is the night that a certain long awaited, and much celebrated fictional fairy will pay a visit to our home.

Things surely are moving fast around here these days!


fullfreezer said...

Oh!!! How exciting! That first tooth is always something special!
Congratulations to the snaggle-toothed wonder!!!

Amber said...

What a sweet little "window" in her smile. Congratulations! Viva la tooth fairy!

Mo said...

Thank you my friends and yes, we did get a visit last night!

bodaat said...

love it! she looks *so* happy!