Monday, August 3, 2009

Independence Days Update

Well here we are again, and how quickly these weeks pass by.

Here is a link to Sharon Astyk's blog which is the one I follow for the Independence Days Challenge in case anyone was wondering why I do this each week.

1. Plant something: Well actually yes! It seems that August is upon us, and so our Fall planting season begins despite the scorching temperatures we are still having. I planted two types of regular cucumbers, and tomatillo's today. The pumpkins and basil seedlings have sprouted and are doing well despite of everything that is conspiring against them.

2. Harvest something: Just basil which I managed not to make into Pesto although I was rather tempted I have to admit.

3. Preserve something: No.

4. Reduce waste: All the usual stuff, nothing new. (Some day I will actually describe in some detail what "all the usual stuff" actually is, but for now I am too tired. Those of you who have followed my blog from last year will probably already know because I used to do regular updates back then.

5. Prep and storage: Lots here! I have almost finished digging out the endless sand box which must be the longest project ever. The sand is all over what was the back lawn and looks OK actually, better than the grass used to look anyway. I am wondering if this will count as xeriscaping on the cheap? Robert started the fence which will eventually separate the dogs from the chickens, and I did a ton more research about chickens which leads on to another whole issue that has come up, but I will save all the gory details for an actual blog post. Suffice it to say I am feeling a little discouraged about us, and chickens right now.

6. Build community food systems: Lots of emails to members of my Permaculture group. Not sure if that really counts but anyway.

7. Eat the food: Just basil with a tomato and mozzarella salad neither of which were homemade.


leaner said...

Where did you get tomatillos? (Seeds? plants?) I want to plant them but am not sure where to get them.

I plan on planting a few things this week, I finally got my garden back in some sort of order and my drip line/sprinklers working again. So up and running.

Mo said...

I got seeds from Summerwinds nursery. They are "Botanical Interest" seeds which is an heirloom company I really like, and have had good results with in the past. I grew tomatillo's back in the spring, and they were huge and had loads of flowers but I never got any fruit. I think it must have been a pollination issue.

leaner said...

I'll check out some of my local nurseries. Summer Winds is NO WHERE near me. :( Hopefully you'll get some fruit this time! I love tomatillos.