Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Phoenix is getting greener!

Mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon has presented a plan to "make Phoenix the first carbon neutral and sustainable city in America." The plan will be called not surprisingly perhaps "Green Phoenix".

"Building on existing initiatives to reduce the heat island effect, conserve precious water resources, and increase the use of solar power, Green Phoenix will provide homeowners and businesses access to affordable weatherization resources, energy-saving retrofits, and the latest in solar technology. Large-scale rainwater capture, groundwater recharge, and riparian restoration will result in improved water quality and stabilized water supplies."

This plan will present many employment opportunities in green industry as well as providing benefits to residents such as "lower utility bills, better air quality, a greener environment, and a smaller carbon footprint for the region."

This is very good news I think, although with our current budget crisis I will wait a little while before getting too excited.

For more information about this plan please visit the City of Phoenix web site.

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bodaat said...

very exciting news! thank you for sharing. i hadn't heard about it sa yet.