Friday, August 14, 2009

Roots And Shoots

I planted a little Minneola orange tree that Dad bought me back in April. I was in a rush to get it in the ground, and as a result it's root ball collapsed, something that citrus doesn't like at all. It wasn't planted well, unlike the lemon tree that Dad and I planted together.

The poor thing has struggled all summer. It has been looking really sad with brown leaves, and no new growth at all. The fact that we have had such a hot summer this year hasn't helped.

However, I have been tending to it daily, providing it with lots of water, and shade, and I think the special care has finally paid off. Now I am seeing lots of new shoots sprouting out, which leads me to think that the roots are established, and it can concentrate all of its energy on growing now.

A welcome sight.

** Update. My friend Marilyn pointed out to me the fact that the new shoot is actually growing out of the original sour orange that my Minnneola was grafted on to! Of course I hadn't even thought of that but luckily there are also shoots growing above the graft as well so hopefully after removing that lovely new shoot that I was so in love with I am now safe. Phew, thanks Marilyn! :)


Amy said...

New of my favorite things!

bodaat said...

That's great...especially for all of this heat!!

Marilyn said...

Hi Mo-I'm not a citrus expert by any means, but I know that most citrus is grafted onto a sour orange type base. You may want to check with a nursery-I think Baker's is awesome-about the shoots that are coming up. They may be from the sour orange root stock. Like I said-I'm no expert but I would hate to have your tree end up sour-not with delicious Minneolas (but maybe your dad is more expert than me?)

Mo said...

Marilyn, thank you, I hadn't thought of that, and you are totally right, it IS growing below the graft. However, I just legged it outside and removed it, and am glad to see there are shoots popping out everywhere ABOVE the graft so hopefully that should be OK now :)