Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Sweet, Local, Summer Treat

A month or so ago I was introduced by a friend to an amazing ice cream store called Sweet Republic , which we are lucky enough to have fairly close to where we live.

It is an independently owned store, modern and bright, and it is a member of Local First Arizona which is important to me.

It offers "hand crafted, artisan ice cream, made with all natural ingredients, and locally sourced fresh milk and cream. The sorbets are made from seasonal fruits."

I am not a huge fan of sweet foods such as ice cream, but I have to say I cannot speak highly enough about this place.

Flavors are original to say the least, and I have never had one that I did not like, although I have many more to try.

A special mention is deserved for the Cheese Course Duo ice cream, which is a "pairing of Roquefort blue cheese and Arizona Medjool dates", and for the Basil Lime Sorbet which is made from "fresh basil leaves and zesty lime". The Coconut Sorbet made from "real shredded coconut in rich coconut cream" is also to die for.

I took the girls back recently and although we arrived a little early before they were open,

We took our time choosing our flavors,

And they were well worth the wait.


Amy said...

Mmmmm, I hope we get a chance to check out that ice cream store in October when we come to visit.

Titania said...

Mo, this is a to be a store I like. Local produce; organic ingredients, wonderful taste and a lovely cheerful place to enjoy a super ice cream on a hot summers day. It is lovely to see the anticipation of your lovely girls to get a sweet treat.

Mo said...

Amy, so do I!

Titania, it is very nice, even I think so, and I don't normally get excited about ice cream stores!

bodaat said...

Looks sooooo good. :) We have Angel Sweet by our house which is a gelato place. locally owned too. :)

Lucy Corrander said...

We have some very good locally produced ice-creams where I live. Local fruit, local cream.

There's a new ice-cream parlour in Weymouth (Dorset, England) called 'Mad George' (named after George lll who, as well as presiding over the 'loss' (!) of America inspired the idea of the English Seaside Holiday).

It's not all big and comfortable like your special place but to go there is a treat in a different way - you can sit on a tall stool in the window and pretend you are in a 1950s milk bar.

The sorbets are my favourite.

I can't imagine liking cheese ice-cream!

Great to see your picture more close-up, Mo. It's always interesting to see what people look like.

People who look at the pictures on my blog have to put up with thinking I look like the top of a flight of steps!


Mo said...

Sounds lovely Lucy. I love Weymouth and surrounding area, used to go there on holiday as a child. As usual you make me smile with your steps comment!