Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bee Update

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Well, I still have my little backyard swarm of bees just hanging out in their favorite tree. It seems that any amount of Buddhist mindfulness is not moving them anywhere fast.

I have been getting a little stressed I have to confess. Roberts response has not been helpful and is along the lines of "well I can just go down to Home Depot on the way home from work and buy some bee killer." Yeah, great, thanks.

It also seems that most of the bee companies "bee removal" techniques range from soaping, to freezing, to pesticiding the bees to death, including Lady Bug, the "environmentally responsible" pest company who use freezing as their bee killing method of choice. One guy told me, (not from Ladybug mind you), not to worry because there are "lots of bees in Maricopa County, we know because we get called out several times a day." My polite response back was that there wont be quite so many bees in Maricopa County soon if they are constantly being killed off!

I know, I am a freak, but the thought of all those bees being killed makes me want to cry.

The good news is that I have found a bee man who will capture them alive, and release them elsewhere if none of the bee keepers in the area want them. He is from a company called "Bee Bustin", and although he can't make it out here until tomorrow morning, I think it will be worth the wait.


Amy said...

Bee sure (*pun intended*) to catch some of that swarm-catching magic on film tomorrow! I can hardly believe you found someone to take them out of your backyard alive.

I feel your pain about needless pest you well know from my mouse house saga. Best of luck with a successful, kill-free bee catching adventure.

Amber said...

Those bees are extremely fortunate they chose your tree to rest in. Lady Bug's "environmentally responsible" way of removing bees is reprehensible!
I am so glad you found your bees a new home, and I admire you for having a heart and not disposing of them in an easy way, especially since you didn't ask them to come visit you! Better your tree than mine though because that many bees would probably freak me out.

Mo said...

Amy, I will do my best to get photos, though I am sure that he wont want me around outside complicating things! Thank you for the good wishes.

Amber, I agree about Lady Bug, I was disappointed they didn't do live catches. They did refer me to the man who does though so that is better than nothing I suppose.

Richard Martyniak said...

Are you aware that the wild (feral) bees in Maricopa County are largely Africanized Honey Bees (AHB)? And that these AHB make horrible occupants in our managed hive boxes?

We are dealing with the AHB intrusion here in Central Florida, and it's gotten so bad that my commercial beekeeper, (who manages organically btw) no longer wants any more collected bees from this area. They get very mean, need to be requeened every 6 months ( a costly job), and are increasing the sting risk liability.

These bees are not the gentle bees of our nostalgic past, and yes, it's hard for me to eradicate most of the bees I encounter in my business. But, I still do some live removals, but only in low count AHB areas.

fullfreezer said...

What luck you could find someone who live catches them. It seems such a shame that people just kill them off. They're having enough trouble as it is, they don't need out help.
I hope all goes well with the 'extraction'.