Monday, September 21, 2009

Long Overdue Independence Days Update

I am still doing this, just not getting enough flipping time to update as often as I would like. I never realized how much work Kindergarten was going to be............for me! :)

1. Plant something: Hurray, yes! Leeks, carrots, beets, parsley, and a little tomato plant that I simply couldn't resist. Not much time to get it to produce before it gets too cool, but worth a try.

2. Harvest something: Basil.

3. Preserve something: Pesto, which I froze. I swear I am totally obsessed with having enough pesto to last all winter. I will post a picture of it all soon. It takes up an entire shelf in the freezer. I am now quitting cold turkey because, (note to self), WE HAVE ENOUGH PESTO TO LAST ALL WINTER!

4. Reduce waste: All the usual stuff. I bought some extremely expensive compostable plates for a get together we had last week which is a little ridiculous I know, but kind of justified me being lazier than I should have been. Not a habit I will be getting into though. I have a ton of yard waste waiting to get put into compost boxes, so much that I could do with a third really, and I could definitely use more compost. May have to go down and get another bargain compost bin from the city of Phoenix.

5. Prep and storage: Bought a ton of bulk beans and sugar. General jobs around the garden like spreading compost for the fall season and my usual ongoing relevant reading.

6. Build community food systems: Nothing really I am afraid.

7. Eat the food: No.

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