Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moving House

Yesterday I emptied out one of my compost boxes that has been cooking for about six months. It wasn't as composted as I had hoped, and probably needed a little longer, but I am desperate to put some nourishment back into this harsh, dry, desert soil before I start my Fall growing season in earnest.

I don't turn my compost at all, I just let it sit and cook, and although I think it takes a little longer to be ready that way, it also encourages my lizard population to take up residence within. I have been a little nervous about turning them out of their home I have to admit because I knew that there were many living in there, but needs must.

I gently turned the box on it's side and shook it a little, and then and watched as at least ten lizards made a run for it. I really hope none got squashed in the process.

These two were a little more reluctant to move, and staged a sit in. (They are actually really difficult to see in this photo despite me being up really close. It seems lizards are masters of camouflage).

See that one is shedding the skin on it's tail? At least that makes it a bit more visible.

After I was sure that they had all had escaped unscathed, I sorted through what was mostly compost, and what wasn't, and put that back in the box. Than I spread it on the parched, barren beds and thought how different it looked next to the desert soil that has not seen compost for about six months.

Really I need to be adding compost every two to three months to get the best results, but at least I have some areas that are ready for seeding now.

This morning I took a peep into my compost box again, and was happy to see that a couple of lizards have already taken up residence inside. They can relax a bit because they wont be disturbed for at least six months!


fullfreezer said...

It must be so much fun to watch the lizards. I've visited in places where there were lizards and I was fascinated.

bodaat said...

wow, i am amazed at those lizards! those aren't the regular type, right? wow.

Mo said...

Bo, We have several different kinds of lizards. These seem to be the most common kind that are literally everywhere I look. :) Love them!