Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Dream Career

I heard through various news outlets yesterday that the Chinese President, Hu Jintao stated at the United Nations that China is planning to plant enough trees to cover an area the size of Norway as part of that country's effort to reduce it's carbon emissions.

Now while I am lacking knowledge about the scientifically proven benefits of such an endeavour, I have to say that it really appealed to me as someone who is a lover of trees.

It reminded me of that lovely book The Man Who Planted Trees, by Jean Giono. If you haven't read it do, it is a lovely story.

It also made me think that perhaps this would offer my dream career opportunity. I imagine myself, an enormous bucket of tree seed, and unlimited time and space in which to plant them.


Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

We used to have that book. It was sweet.
Funny that you bring up planting trees. Just the other night on TV someone was interviewing a scientist who says that we are in danger of losing wind throughout the world because of TREES! He was saying that all the resistance from trees was lessening the wind in the world. Strange huh?! I don't quite believe it.

Mo said...

Interesting idea Gail! :)

Barbee' said...

Interesting post!