Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Kendra!

I am so sorry Kendra, I am late blogging about your birthday this year. I know we celebrated it a day late anyway, but that is no excuse.

Happy birthday for the 13th my sweet little girl! I can't believe that you are six already, and in kindergarten. You make me proud every day, and I love you always.


fullfreezer said...

Happy Birthday a bit late! Blogging late doesn't matter, I'm sure her day was fabulous!

bodaat said...

Happy Birthday Kendra!! :) Love ya sister and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Amy said...

Happy belated birthday Kendra. Can't wait to see you on Halloween!!!

Love the cake...where'd you get it?

Titania said...

Many happy returns to you sweetie. All my best wishes always. T.