Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Almost Finished

At the weekend I commandeered Robert's help to get the sand box dug out completely. It was a task that has been hanging over me for months and I am glad it is done.

It will increase the area I have to plant veggies by a good few feet once I have filled it with more top soil. You can see my new City of Phoenix Trash can/ compost box as well. I have two now, and I need them because I always have a lot of stuff to compost and nowhere to put it.

Eventually the white fence will be moved forward to prevent the dogs from getting into the whole area. I am glad that it is almost done, and I am excited to have more veggie growing space.

On another note, I was listening to Barbara Kingsolver on NPR yesterday morning. She was saying that living in Appalachia among all the moisture and greenness, she feels secure in the fact that there are always things growing around her. This completely sums up how I feel, and may be why I can never quite relax living in an area where all of our water is borrowed. It was a real AHA moment for me!


Esther Montgomery said...

I must have missed the beginning of this because I don't really understand what you are doing here. Are you changing a children's sand-pit into a vegetable extension? Or does a sand box have a use I don't know of? Or is the sand part of preparing the ground for growing things in? Sorry to get left behind when you've probably explained it all very clearly in a previous post.

I understand about feeling vulnerable in front of nature, though. Even if all I can grow is parsley on a windowsill, I've always had to be growing something. I waste emotion wondering what would happen if the food supply dried up. There's something fundamentally human about this. (I guess!)


Mo said...

Esther, I have been digging the sand out of the sand box to convert it to more veggie beds. I have a little top soil in it already, but obviously need more before I can start using it.

I also have a fundamental need to grow things like for food like you. Interesting isn't it!

Barbee' said...

Mo, I think Esther meant "what was the original use" for that sand box/pit. Was it for children to play there, or, perhaps a special spot for growing something that needed a lot of fast draining sand, or....?

Mo said...

Sorry guys! Yes, it used to be a sand pit/ box for kids to play in though it has been more for the dogs really. It has always been here since we moved in.

Amber said...

Oooh, that will increase your garden's size nicely. Can't wait to see what is planted there!