Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have not produced enough of the bountiful harvest that I was hoping for yet this fall. Perhaps there will be more?

On the other hand I was cleaning out the big freezer in readiness for our grass fed beef, and I discovered that I certainly do have enough pesto stored in there to last us for a while.

There really is always enough of something.


Amber said...

Ooooh! Seeing all that glorious pesto must be a reassuring sight! I forsee many a flavorful meal in your family's future. Yum. I hope your veggies get in gear and produce for you!

Mo said...

Amber, I am glad I have managed to preserve something in a fair quantity this year. I had such big plans for canning and they never materialised I am afraid. I am still hopeful for more veggies. Everything is so late this year!

Barbee' said...

I think gardening was strange everywhere this summer. Still, you accomplished more than I did. Your pesto makes me drool!

Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Ya can't ever have enough pesto! How long will your season extend this time of year? We are pretty much done except for what we will be growing in our newest greenhouse. We are getting that all buttoned up so that we can experiment this winter with growing all sorts of stuff, including tomatoes!

Mo said...

Thanks Barbee!

Gail, we have a continuing growing season now until it gets too hot next summer.

We do get frosts here, but as long as you use frost cloth for protection most things do OK, especially the root veggies, and winter crops such as swiss chard, and the brassica's. I have way more seeds to sow this fall but haven't got around to it yet. Nothing new there! :)

I hope you get lots of late veggies from your lovely new greenhouse!