Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Big Clean Up

A huge winter storm blew through the state last night. It dumped many feet of snow onto the higher elevations, and brought lots of rain and extremely high winds through the lower elevations including Phoenix. I heard on NPR that wind gusts of 75 miles per hour were recorded at Deer Valley airport which is just northwest of us.

It was truly a momentous storm that kept us all awake. I feel very fortunate today that we didn't sustain any damage. Our neighbourhood looks like a hurricane blew through with downed trees, structural damage, and flooding. There are clean up crews everywhere.

One of my young acacia trees was leaning over somewhat, but I have trimmed it, and put it back in place. It wasn't uprooted, so I have every hope that it will be OK. Amazingly enough all the bigger trees are fine. I was surprised because I expected much worse when I went out to check this morning. I am glad we got some much needed rain. It has been such a dry year for us desert dwellers.

I have finally started my big holiday clean up. I finished my health policy class last week and now I feel like I can concentrate more on what needs to be done around the house, and it is a lot! I have cleaning and sorting to do, the decorations to get out, veggies to clean and either store, or cook, gifts to buy, etc etc. Just the usual holiday stuff. I am trying not to get overwhelmed with it because all that matters really is that we are OK, and all together this year.

Ironically we were all set to get a new solar water heater installed today and of course they can't do it because of the rain. It made me smile because we get so little rain here. Anyway, they are all set to come out next week instead and I am very excited. It is a small but positive step towards us becoming more energy efficient, and that always makes me feel happy!

I was just outside hanging all my frost cloths on the line in a pathetic attempt to try and get them dry before this evening. I didn't get them inside in time before the rain started yesterday, and it is predicted to be down in the 30's tonight so I am going to need them. Did I mention it is cold here!? Well cold by our standards at least and of course I am absolutely LOVING IT! :)


bodaat said...

can you believe that i haven't been out in the garden as yet since last night? i'm afraid to see the damage! funnily enough i gave all the plants a nice soak on sunday. guess i should have checked the weather forecast, huh? :) glad that your garden made it okay. i'm intrigued to hear about the water heater.

Liisa said...

Sounds like a pretty crazy storm over there. Glad everything is okay, and no damage done at your house.

Barbee' said...

I remember my mom hanging clothes on the line in cold weather. She said they would just have to freeze dry. That was a lot of rain and wind you had, WOW! We had a wind storm either this year or last, I forget which, they are NO fun. Amazing how much large trees can tolerate. I'm about as far along with Christmas prep as you are. Lots to do, but will enjoy it.