Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feeling More Festive

The girls decorated the tree on Saturday and it is making our house seem a lot more festive.

We always get a real tree, and although I wont go over all the environmental benefits of a live one, if you feel so inclined you can read them here from last year.

The city of Phoenix offers free drop off points after the holidays for live trees which are then taken away and mulched. This contributes significantly to their benefits, and is a great service I think.

We had a small holiday get together last night with some of our friends. I made Nigella Lawson's "Choc Chip Chili" from her new Christmas book with some of our grass fed beef. I have been assured it was delicious, and because I made way too much we now have a lot frozen for later.

I was most pleased to see a picture in the introduction to Nigella's Christmas book showing how beautiful packages can be when wrapped up in brown paper and newspaper, and tied up with string. They are decorated with cinnamon sticks! I hasten to add however that I have not been nearly as virtuous, and have been using Christmas paper I bought on sale last year that will probably go straight into the trash. (Shame, shame). I am definitely slipping this year, environmentally speaking!

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Amy said...

What a lovely tree.