Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Perfect Spot

I heard a great story on NPR this afternoon about a wonderful lady, Joan Graham who lives in Michigan. She plans to bequeath her beloved wooded land to a local conservation group in order to preserve it. She is truly a woman after my own heart saying "I just like the earth, I like the smell of it, and I like green, and I like trees." Ahhhhhh!

Not only does she plan to leave her land in order that it may be to be preserved, she also wishes to be buried there as well, beneath an oak tree.

"They have deep taproots, wouldn't it be nice if that oak tree would ever reach my remains, and the tree would take nourishment from that? And it's kind of like I never died, really. I just morphed into a tree or something."

This idea led to an individual at the conservation group who have the good fortune of inheriting the land, to think about how it could become an actual green burial site for others who wish to be buried in this way.

As it turns out this wasn't quite such an easy undertaking despite the growth in the green burial business over recent years.

To find out what happened next you will need to read, or listen to the full piece here.

Sounds like the perfect green burial spot to me.


Barbee' said...

I agree, Mo. That is what I would like, but I don't know of any such place around here. Luther Burbank is buried in his yard under the old Cedar of Lebanon at his request. Such a remarkable man. His place is in California, Sonoma County, I think, but not sure. Been there once many years ago. His garden is open to the public - not sure about the house, because I forget.

Mo said...

Thanks Barbee, I didn't know about him but will definitely look into it. There are a few green burial sites around the country though none near here either. The Green Burial Council has details. I would be prepared to travel to be buried in one! :) Hopefully it is a thing that will continue to expand over the years because for me the thought of providing nourishment for trees and all things green is my idea of heaven!