Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Timing

I am off this weekend, the first in ages it seems. Our house and yard are a mess and I have huge plans to completely spring clean the house, and tidy up the backyard, as well as possibly planting a new tree. (I saw a desert Willow tree for a very good price a couple of days ago and I am very tempted!)

However, it seems the sickness that I have been incubating all week has chosen this weekend to reveal itself fully. I have a hacking cough, cold, and low grade fever, and I feel pretty miserable actually. Great timing!

However, I simply can't imagine malingering the weekend away in bed, it is too much of a waste, so I am going to dose myself up and get started, perhaps then I will start to feel better? Let's hope so.


fullfreezer said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon. It has been sounding her like the children are auditioning for a play by Charles Dickens. "Please sir (cough, cough) can you spare a copper?" I think they've shared since I've noticed myself coughing more today.
Hopefully, being outside will help you recover.

Esther Montgomery said...

How very, very maddening when this kind of thing happens.

Hope you feel better soon and at the very least achieve get back to full energy soon. Maybe you have got better already??????????