Friday, January 29, 2010

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

When I started seeing regular grocery, and big box stores selling their own reusable shopping bags I was quite excited. After all, what could be better than everyone using bags that create way less carbon emissions than the production of plastic grocery bags, and cause a lot less waste? I was, (and still am), hoping that the question "plastic or paper?" will become a question from a bygone era.

Now though I am not so sure that this is all such a good thing after all. I currently have dozens of these bags that have been "gifted" to me in various ways, way more than I can, or ever will need to use in this lifetime.

It seems that it is the new thing to place "gifts" in these bags in the belief that one is utilizing a more environmentally friendly gift wrapping option. I certainly don't mean to sound ungrateful, for this is a lovely gesture that speaks to me personally as someone who has the utmost respect for our planet. However, I suspect that like me, everyone else out there has dozens of these bags, and that they are trying to off load them in the most responsible way that they can think of.

There are various cunning ways to do this it seems. One can deliver items to Goodwill in as many bags as one can gather together in one go. There is also the gift presentation option, or the means of delivering a potluck dinner in two or three bags designed to "insulate" the dish efficiently. This multiple off load is particularly clever I think!

You might ask how I know about all these methods? Well of course they are methods I have myself used on occasion I have to confess although I am trying hard to refrain from doing so of late. As a result I have an ever increasing amount of reusable grocery bags in the trunk of my car, and in closets around the house.

I suspect before very long that people will begin to try to dispose of these bags in less environmentally conscious ways. I fear that we will then see many of the reusable grocery bags being disposed of in the same way as the original grocery bags were, in the trash which completely defeats the object.

So please, although I really like the fact that you are environmentally conscious, and I am very grateful for your kindness and generosity, please don't gift me anymore reusable grocery bags. I have enough, really I do, and I suspect that you do too. So let's all just keep the ones that we have, use them responsibly, and enjoy the feeling that we have enough reusable grocery bags to last a lifetime. I promise that I will do the same!


Liza said...

I've been known to use them to take food to dinner parties, and then "accidentally" forget to bring them home with me. Lol!

leaner said...

I have an abundance of these, too. Many that I made myself (my personal favorite, they are cotton canvas which would decompose if put in a landfill or compost pile.)

I use most of them and am trying really hard not to buy anymore.

Mo said...

Haha Liza, you have done it too! :)

I too have more than enough canvas bags Leaner quite apart from all the additional "acquired" reusable grocery bags. I WILL NOT be buying any more, EVER! :)

bodaat said...

i shouldn't have given you the black one back!! :)

Mo said...

You see Bo, I was hoping you would forget to! :):)