Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The weekend wasn't a productive one at all despite my best efforts. All I really managed to do was pick some swiss chard, and spend much too long trying to get a pretty picture of it. Ah well, sometimes one just needs to be sick.

Here are the seeds that I planted last week. Not very promising to look at it has to be said.

I always spend a long time planning what I will sow, and then end up hastily throwing them into pots in a panicked attempt to get them sown in time. Not a very scientific or efficient way to grow seeds. I hope it works though!

This was my little garden last summer at it's peak.

Lets hope by some miracle I manage to achieve the same degree of success this year.


Growandmake.com said...

Hi Mo, I really like your blog. If you ever move to the Pacific NW, consider Portland, you'd fit right in. I'm with Growandmake.com where we're looking for contributing editors for our guides and wanted to see if you'd be interested. -Will

Mo said...

I absolutely love Portland and would indeed consider it when we move!

I am very interested in becoming a contributing editor for your guides. What would it involve and what do I need to do?

Julie said...

Hello--I found your blog while desperately looking for a local gardening blog that was still actually maintained. So many of them seem to be neglected, or just otherwise not incredibly inspiring. Yours is neither. My boyfriend (also named Robert, and whose parents are Taiwanese) recently moved from a 500-sq-ft, sub-level, light-deprived condo to a large house with front and back yards (planted with Bermuda grass, alas). I'm equally terrified and anxious and excited to report that I'm about to start my first vegetable garden. Both of our sets of parents are amazing growers, but neither of us were interested enough as children to learn what to do now. Paging through your blog gives me courage and hope. Thanks for that. I hope I've harvesting bounties half as lovely as yours when the time comes.

Mo said...

Hu Julie,
Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you found me and hope I can be of help. My poor blog is more neglected than I would like of late but I am hanging in there, just about!
Good luck with starting the vegetable garden. You will have fun! :)