Monday, March 1, 2010


Until recently I had been reusing the plastic produce bags that one gets at grocery stores. I always had a stash of them inside my reusable grocery bags in the trunk of the car ready for use.

I had been toying with getting some of the cloth produce bags that one can get now but hadn't quite taken the plunge when I stumbled across these great products while staying with my cousin in Vancouver last month.

These are "Meshy Produce Bags" and are made by a small business called hotSACKS which was started up in BC by a friend of my cousins. The company makes reusable grocery bags as well as these produce sacks, and sandwich wraps.

I absolutely love these produce bags. They are fully recylable, and are made from 100% Polyethylene Resin in Canada. They can hold produce, and bulk goods, and are grocery checkout friendly because the mesh allows scanners to read the labels on the goods inside.

hotSACKS takes pride in the fact that it works with manufacturers that promote "no child labour, fair health conditions/working standards and a working wage in compliance with local laws." All products are Ecologo certified.

In Canada hotSACKS uses "Starworks Packaging and Assembly to pack & tag Meshy hotSACKS. Starworks is a social enterprise created to hire people with a developmental disability to perform light labour and assembly work."

hotSACKS' cute sandwich wraps, which are described as a "reusable alternative to plastic baggies, plastic wrap and foil." are made from "recycled, FDA approved, non-toxic, non-leaching, recyclable PE plastic." They do not contain BPA, and are Phthalate free.

I love these too. Unlike many of the sandwich wraps you will find they are easy to wash thoroughly as there is no fabric involved.

Check out all their great products here.


leaner said...

I made my own produce bags, out of tulle (like ballet skirts) and get compliments on them all the time. I love them. I hate plastic and only use it to get certain bulk foods that require it (millet/quinoa/rice).

fullfreezer said...

I love the look of the sandwich wrap. And I like the idea of the mesh produce bags.

bodaat said...

oooh, fabulous ideas!! got any ideas for what we can substitute for picking up dog poop? i can't think of anything but a plastic bag.

Mo said...

Great idea Leaner. Unfortunately I missed out completely on the sweing gene, (or is it just plain talent), and can't sew a stitch!

They ARE really good Judy, wrap our sarnies up just right! :)

I have thought about dog poop too Bo! I think one has to have a few plastic bags around for that unfortunately. Even I am not green enough to use my hands alone, especially with as much poop as we get! EEEEEWWWW!

Titania said...

I use plain cotton bags for my grocery shopping. They are handy and washable. Some people still use Plastic bags for shopping, it might be that they are friendlier now, made from a material that integrates. I think plastic bags should not be used any more. Why can't people use a basket or a reusable shopping bag?
There was a time when mesh bags were used a lot for shopping. They are handy too, I have 2 made from cotton I like them too.