Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! What did you do today to celebrate?

I went and spoke to Kendra's Kindergarten class about growing veggies here in the desert, and the importance of compost.

Here is the basket of vegetables I took from the garden to show them.

I also took in a bag of desert soil, and another bag of compost to show them the difference. I talked about how the desert soil is great for growing desert plants, but not so good for growing veggies. Their wonderful teacher has already taught them a lot about plants and the desert, and so they already know loads. They asked a lot of really good questions, and seemed very interested which was very exciting for me!

I couldn't imagine doing anything better than this on Earth Day because it is so important to teach our children as much as we can about these things so that they grow up to be better stewards of this earth than we are, and that generations before us have been.

I had loads of fun and I hope the children did too!


bodaat said...

i think you've had the best Earth Day out of all of us! Teaching our future generation about green living is so incredibly important and proud that you were a part of that. :) what a great contribution to human kind and on Earth day as well!

Marilyn said...

Your veggies are gorgeous!

Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Mo, what a wonderful giving thing to do on Earth day. Your veggies look yummy!

Mo said...

Thanks Bo, love ya! xx

Thank you Marilyn although you can't see much more than leaves in that particularly bad photo. :)

You are sweet Gail. Thank you!

Wendy said...

I want to curl up inside your veggie garden!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Mo said...

Anytime Wendy! :)