Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Desert Willow

Here finally is a picture of my new Desert Willow tree. I have been waiting to take a picture until I had cleaned up the back yard so that it would look at it's best.

It is a little difficult to see with the creosote bushes in the back ground but you probably get the idea.

And here is a picture of our back patio. It is starting to look like I have always envisioned now that everything is growing so well this spring.

It is really nice sitting out there and enjoying all the birds. we seem to have many more kinds this year than we have ever had before. Makes me happy!


Amy said...

Those beautiful images of your yard make me happy too.

Your willow looks fabulous. Mine is making a come-back after some puppy inspired pruning last fall. I wasn't too confident about it a few months ago but it's making a go of it.

leaner said...

Lovely patio. I can picture myself sitting there drinking a cup of tea in the morning. :) I want our back patio to have that same feel. It totally doesn't. But its getting better all of the time.

Mo said...

Thanks Amy. Glad your DW is doing O.K! They are pretty resilient trees I think!

Leaner, you are welcome to come and sit and drink tea on our patio anytime you like! :)

Jenn said...

I love my desert willow. It breaks bud VERY late in the spring, so don't panic next year if it looks dead. And then it blooms and blooms and blooms. Nice plant.

bodaat said...

MoMo, your garden is looking great, especially the patio! :) I suggest little twinkle lights also. :)

Mid-life Midwife said...

If I lived closer, I'd beg you to host a Mama's brunch on that patio! "I'll be over with a fritatta in 20 minutes!" ;)

Mo said...

Jenn, we have another one in our front yard that does just that. I always worry a little when it looks so brown but it always comes right back every spring.

Bo, I actually have little lights ready to go but haven't got aroud to putting them up yet. One day right? :)

MLMW wish we lived closer, that would be so lovely! I am assuming the fritatta would come from eggs from your ladies? :)