Sunday, May 30, 2010


The environmental disaster that seems to be never ending in the Gulf is leaving me feeling desperate and scared. The news yesterday that the top kill failed literally gave me palpitations.

I am at the point of being almost unable to watch the images of the thick, unstoppable oil as is spreads through the marshes, clogging and killing everything in it's path. The people who live there don't have that choice.

I mourn for the loss of the unique habitat and wildlife, and for the loss of livelihood for so many who had just started to get their lives back in order following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

My Dad made a comment the other day, that we all have a responsibility in this for as long as we continue to rely on oil to power our life styles, and for as long as we choose not to make more environmentally responsible choices.

Right now I am completely at a loss because really there doesn't seem to be anything that is working to stem the flow of oil at this point. I feel helpless. I am sure the people who live and work on the Gulf coast, and who are watching this disaster unfold right in front of their eyes feel a great deal more so.


bodaat said...

i don't even know what to say mo. :( it kills me too and i feel so helpless. i was watching the news yesterday and they said that they might not have a fix until august. can you imagine? that is forever away. :(

sugarcreekstuff said...

BP has been making money hand over fist all this time, you'd think they would have a working plan to stop this disaster.
The images of the birds covered with sludge is heartbreaking.
So many lives have been affected, creatures great and small. Not to mention the lives lost on the rig.

Mo said...

No Bo, I can't imagine. :(

SCS, I am so with you sister!

Titania said...

Hi Mo, one is just helpless and hopeless for a disaster like this.
Wind and water power plans are still dismissed instead of encouraging these projects. The Bilderberg society has a big meeting in a pristine holiday resort. They could not care less, the Corporations, globalisation bosses, Governments, Words just words... blah blah.. sponging of nature and us. I am angry!