Monday, May 17, 2010

My Trees

I love trees! I grew up deep in the English countryside surrounded by woods full of trees, and my childhood memories are full of times spent within them. When I moved out to the desert one of the hardest things for me was the lack of trees, or at least trees of the kind I am used to.

My husband to be's backyard was completely devoid of all trees when I moved in. Well actually it was devoid of any kind of vegetation apart from a patch of scratty grass, and that was just the way he liked it. Fast forward ten years or so and unsurprisingly perhaps that backyard is now full of trees, plants, and vegetation. My husband is a patient man!

The trees have to be thinned at least once a year so that they don't blow over like the one that did last fall. I used to be able to manage completely by myself when they weren't too big, but of course now they are really big and I have problems getting to the crowns, even on a ladder. This has caused seemingly endless conflict in our marriage. The trees are a financial priority for me, but not for Robert. He didn't want any trees in the first place. I understand this but at the same time I get really stressed about my trees. As a result, about this time every year we have a ridiculous tree pruning feud that continues until one of us backs down. It usually ends with a poor compromise of getting someone unqualified in pruning trees to prune them. They usually end up looking awful, and then I feel awful, and then so does everyone else. (Remember last year Kavita?)

This year I decided I was going to use a real tree company with actual trained arborists to do the job properly after years of my poor trees being hacked to pieces. I was expecting an even larger feud due to the added expense. Amazingly though my DH seems to have finally surrendered to the trees, (or maybe to me), and resigned himself to the expense. Ah, the wonders of compromise in a marriage! :)

So, here they are, my beautiful, pruned trees. They made an absolutely amazing job of them, the nest is still in place, and I feel happy and relieved. Hopefully they will withstand this years monsoon without sustaining any damage. Priceless!


Amy said...

The trees look great, does your yard!

bodaat said...

oh yes sweet MoMo, I definitely remember the last pruning job. :( i think i was over that day, no? well anyway, this time it turned out GREAT! i can really tell the difference and it looks like it was well worth it. :)
ps - glad that DH came around. :)

Titania said...

The trees are beautiful; we can not live without trees not even in our own back yard.

Mid-life Midwife said...

Money well spent, in my humble opinion. They are gorgeous. You've done a great job with your slice of earth!