Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nature Abounds

We seem to be attracting all kinds of nesting birds this year in both our front and back yards. I have already posted about the lovely verdin nest in the backyard, the occupants of which have now hatched out, and are flitting around all day. I have never managed to get a picture unfortunately.

Now we have another nest straight outside our front door.

It is still under construction and looks very similar to the verdin nest to me, but the bird building it is plain brown, and somewhat smaller. I wish I knew more about birds to be able to identify it accurately, although I think it probably is another verdin's nest.

We have all been enjoying fleeting sights of a quail family complete with it's brood of chicks roaming around our neighbourhood over the past week or so. They have been in our backyard more than once, but try as I might to get a picture I have only been able to capture Daddy quail sitting on our wall guarding me from coming any closer.

The chicks move like lightning!

Just now Robert was out in the front yard and he came across the entire family of quail on our front step. They all ran away immediately but he saw that some had run under the large prickly pear in our front yard. He went to investigate and found this........

It would appear that the quail family was incubated and hatched in our front yard right under our noses and we never suspected a thing! Amazing. I am not out in the front yard that often so I am sure that is why they managed to stay so well hidden. Very clever.

I am glad that my somewhat wild style of gardening seems to attract so much wildlife, for here in the suburbs at least. I am sure the fact that leaf blowers are banished, plants are left to flower and go to seed, and that there are so many nooks and crannies helps.

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Jenn said...

We have a couple of vireos that nest in the desert areas

I'm guessing this is what your new nest is! Congrats on your successful habitat!