Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have a cute, and extremely noisy Verdin nesting in one of my Palo Verde trees in our backyard.

I know very little about birds and their nesting habits, but this little bird follows me closely every time I am out there making sure that I am not anywhere near it's nest.

Very sweet indeed! I can't believe how loud it chirps, and it does it ALL DAY, literally, from dawn until dusk. I would never believe such a loud noise could come from such a tiny bird.

As I write there is a team of tree pruners out back working on thinning out my trees. This is the, (I hope), final outcome of a long and drawn out issue of conflict between my DH and I. A long story for a future post. Needless to say they are under strict orders not to disturb my little bird and it's nest. I have my fingers crossed.


Jenn said...

They are noisy! So cute.

Wendy said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see what pictures come about from the nest :)

bodaat said...

oh how lucky you are!!

Amy said... birdies! Do you find this "noisy" bird's chirps annoying or soothing?

I'm hoping those men working on your trees left the mommy and her egglets undisturbed.

Mo said...

All well after the tree pruning I am glad to say. Amy, I love the sound of it, makes me feel immersed in nature, even here deep in the suburbs. :)