Friday, July 30, 2010

Cloudy Skies

This is what the sky looked like over our backyard yesterday evening. However, despite flash flood warnings, and reports of deluges elsewhere we didn't get more than a few drops of rain. I am absolutely craving a good downpour with the fresh smell, and clear air that it will bring.

I managed to conquer my inertia, and the humidity today and got loads done outside in the front, and backyard. I got most of the vegetable garden cleared and dug over as well.

How is it that the garden soil, freshly dug through and turned a mere few months ago is now as hard as a rock again? Desert soil, there really is nothing quite like it!


Titania said...

I love clouds and rain, it looks like we get a little downpour. Yesterday was such a warm day I wonder if we get an early spring, I hope not!
The cantaloupe looks so yummy; they like the dry, it prevents mildew.

rohrerbot said...

There is nothing better than the smell of the garden after a good desert rain the day it was so muggy but I had to work outside just to take it all in....isn't it amazing that with a little rain, our plants perk up real quick?:)

Mo said...

I absolutely love clouds and rain too Titania though I am not so keen on the strong winds we commonly get at the same time! I worry about my trees especially after losing one last winter. Hopefully they were pruned enough to make it through this monsoon.

I totally agree rohrerbot! Everything seems to suddenly be greener after rain and look so much happier! Now we just need some up here so that I can see that happening in our yard. :)

Jodi said...


I came across your lovely site while I was searching for images to use for a work project. I wonder, would you have any objection to my using your beautiful cloudy skies photo in a presentation that will be given to about 50 people? We are using the photo to depict uncertain times (in addition to a different photo of sunny, clear skies, depicting certain times).

Many thanks in advance!

Mo said...

Hi Jodi, thank you for asking and I would be honored if you used it! Thank you. :)