Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Snake

The day before yesterday I came across a little black and white snake slithering through my melon patch. Today as I went out to water, I almost stepped on what I am assuming is the same little snake just as I passed through the garden gate. It looked at me for a short time, and then slithered away down the side of the house. I ran into get my camera and managed only to get this very poor shot I am afraid.

By the time I had my camera the poor thing was thoroughly terrified, and I didn't want to scare it anymore.

It is a juvenile King Snake I think which leads me to believe that there are probably more because where there is one baby snake, there is likely to be a family of baby snakes. I imagine somewhere in our yard there is a clutch of King Snake eggs hatching, or perhaps already hatched. I know we have at least one adult King Snake because I have seen it at dusk, and I found a beautiful, perfectly shed snake skin on the patio last year which I blogged about here. I am happy to have these creatures as always. I am sure they will help to sustain natural balance in our backyard.

My poor blog is so neglected, as is my veggie garden, and many other things in my life this summer. My children however are not at all neglected because I have been taking them camping, often. I will post pictures one of these days. Suffice it to say these desert summers are best spent away in the coolness of the northern pine trees. How lucky we are that we get the chance to camp so often. Lucky indeed!


Amy said...

Baby snakes, huh? We've got a passel of baby mice our backyard. I can't say I'm happy to have them. Want to send a snake or two our way to take care of our little "problem"?

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I'm glad that you're a good neighbor to these snakes!

fullfreezer said...

How lovely. I haven't seen many snakes this year. I wonder if it has been too wet? I don't mind them if I know they are around- but when they surprise me I'm not too fond of them.
Glad to hear that you have been having fun with your children.

Marilyn said...

So glad to see you back!

Mo said...

Amy you made me smile, and shudder a little at the same time! :)

Lisa and Robb, I really am glad to have them. Any sign of nature here in the suburbs is a welcome thing for me.

I agree Judy, it is better to see them before stepping on them. I almost did step on this little one though I am glad I didn't because I am sure it wouldn't have done him much good.

Thank you Marilyn! :)

Jenn said...

I'm so glad you love your snakes. So many people fear them, it's sad.