Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summertime Inertia Has Hit!

The mid summer inertia I typically get every year has finally arrived, and arrived with a vengeance! It usually occurs a great deal earlier than this, and I attribute it's late arrival this year to the frequent escapes the girls and I have been making to cooler, more welcoming summer places up north.

It also happens to have hit about the same time that I need to be getting my vegetable garden in order so that I can begin to plant my Fall crops. It has been just about all I can do to stagger out there each day into the heat and humidity, (about 70% today), to get a bit of clearing and digging done. This weekend I need to plant summer squash as I have a very short window in which to do so. Many of the other crops can wait until the beginning of September thankfully.

The rest of the yard needs work too. Everything is very overgrown, more so than I like, and I can't bear to look at it anymore. The mornings are the best time to go out, the evenings the worse with the incredibly awful mosquitoes that we have this year. Ridiculous that we have so many in this "dry, desert" environment, and totally attributable I am afraid to the ways in which we are changing this place forever to suit our own needs and desires.

On a brighter note here is the first melon from my self seeded melon plant. It really tasted good, and there are four more to come with any luck.

The English person in me is particularly excited about growing my first melon! Melons were always a special treat for us as children, and they aren't something we generally have the climate for in the UK. I did however find this interesting article that describes four newer varieties of melon that are easier to grow in the UK, and I am sure having a greenhouse would help too. Melons still represent something very exotic for me though, and I imagine they always will.


Marilyn said...

Hooray! Congratulations. My melons were delicious! (got one more left) I've got the inertia too.....

rohrerbot said...

I feel your pain. I was out working today in Tucson and it was too hot and muggy....everything is overgrown but the good news is that my fig tree is producing some great fruit. Right now I water when needed:) Sorry about the mosquitos:(

Mo said...

Glad I am not alone Marilyn!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your figs rohrerbot. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is absolutely lovely and I will be back for sure.