Saturday, August 14, 2010

Companion Planting Confusion

I am feeling much better again the past couple of days. Thanks for all the kind thoughts, it really helps!

My zucchini seedlings are growing very well indeed. They sprouted within about four days and are now bigger than in this picture.

I had a bit of a panic last weekend when I realized I had forgotten to plant cucumbers. The window for doing so this time of year is quite short as with summer squash. So, I ran outside last Sunday afternoon and quickly dumped a few cucumber seeds into the ground.

I generally try to do companion planting and when I checked later that evening I discovered that cucumbers shouldn't be planted near sage. This was a shame because I had planted the cucumber seeds right next to this...

my vibrantly healthy sage bush!

Despite doing more research I couldn't find out what actually happens if you do plant cucumbers near sage, and they seem to be growing vigorously so far. I wonder if sage makes the cucumbers bitter or something?

I asked my Dad what he thought would happen and he said, "I have no idea but I think you are about to find out!" Made me smile. It will be an interesting experiment for me this fall.

Apologies but here is yet another awful picture of my goldfinch family.

The reason I am posting another one here is because you can see a male goldfinch this time. He is the very bright yellow one towards the back of the fountain. I hadn't seen any males before but often see one or two flitting around now with all their ladies. So pretty.

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Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Looks like you have a happy start toward more veggies this fall! Love your goldfinch photo. They look so happy.