Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crazy Storm

We had a huge, and very scary monsoon storm yesterday evening. I watched with the girls as torrential rain was blown horizontally, and as all the trees in our backyard were blown almost in half. Fortunately for us the only real casualty was my little desert willow tree in the front yard that was split down the middle. I think I may be able to salvage it, I hope so anyway.

Others in our area were not so fortunate, and although the damage seems to be completely random and sporadic, it was considerable for many with trees down all through our neighbourhood and beyond. I love to get rain, but I never enjoy the really intense and destructive monsoon storms.

Another minor casualty was this little nest that was blown out of one of our trees. It is the goldfinch nest that was in a tree just outside our backdoor. We all enjoyed watching the activity that went on in and around it earlier in the year as young goldfinches were hatched, and successfully raised from within.

Isn't it pretty! It is lined with the softest feathers. I am always amazed by how intricately birds nests are constructed. So clever!

Life has got crazy this week too. I seem to be totally consumed with school runs, housework, yard work, homework, my job, (although thankfully that is very part time right now), dinner preparation, and volunteering at Kendra's school. I started back at school this week too and am irrationally stressed about it because I am taking math, the last prerequisite class I need, and the one that I have delayed for as long as possible due to my intense fear and dislike of anything to do with math. Occasionally I manage to squeeze in some blogging, exercise, and drumming too. So much for trying to live a simpler life. Is that even possible these days?


rohrerbot said...

It was crazy yesterday....I came home and wow!!! Horrible! So much damage to some of my plants....I had to stake trees back into the ground!! But the evening was so nice for me to pick up the cactus shards and downed plants.....I hope your willow tree can mend.

Mo said...

Thanks Rohrerbot! I am sorry you sustained so much damage. It was truly a crazy storm.

bodaat said...

we didn't get it too bad over here however we got attacked on saturday night. that was the biggest storm for us! sorry about your tree but i'm hoping it's salvagable too.

ps - i don't think i'm going ot be able to call you back before we leave for mexico. :( will call you on the flip side. love you!

Esther Montgomery said...

Sounds very, very frightening.

Good luck with the maths.

Glad you are keeping up with the drumming.


Mo said...

Don't worry Bo. Have a great time and can't wait to hear all about it. Love you too. x

Hi Esther, so lovely to see you here again! How are you my friend? Thanks for the good luck wishes, I will surely need them and yes, still drumming and loving every minute of it. :)