Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School 2010 and Other Most Wonderful News.....

The big day has arrived and both my girls went back to school this morning. After spending almost every minute with them all summer it seems a little strange, but not as bad as last year. I have much I can be doing while they are having fun at school.

On another and most marvelous note, my dear friend Kavita over at BODAAT has a sister called Aarti who won The Next Food Network Star last night! This is amazing, especially as she and her husband have sacrificed a great deal, and worked very hard so that she could chase her dreams.

'The Next Food Network Star': Let's Paarti!

This is truly a beautiful story of dreams coming true, and I couldn't be any happier for Aarti and her whole family.

You can all start watching her new cooking show on The Food Network in a week or so. Whoop whoop!


fullfreezer said...

What fun. I've watched that show (although not recently), I'll have to check out her new show.
And back to school... mine go back on Thursday. Where did the summer go???

Christine B. said...

There will be a bit 'whoop whoop' from me on Wednesday, the first day of school up here. People ask me: "What will you do with all that time?" I reply: "Have a hobby." The weeds are getting tall here from all this rain, so maybe I'll start with that.

Christine in Alaska

Mo said...

I agree Judy, it flew by. I love the fall though and it is on it's way which means lower temps soon. YAY! x

Christine, enjoy your "whoop" and all that weeding! :)

Amy said...

So, Michelle....what do you do when the girls are in school? I'm going to have Elsa home with me but somehow it still feels like I'm going to have a lot of free time on my hands.

Mo said...

Amy, you will be amazed how quickly you will fill up your "free time"! I only really have about three hours in the morning before collecting Emmie and so I usually do chores, exercise, practice drums, yard work and gardening, and so the list goes on...... I too thought I would have a ton of free time but it really never feels like it. I guess I have filled any that I might have with extra stuff. Try to enjoy your special alone time with Elsa and do some things for yourself. Last year was when I started drumming seriously again and I am loving that I have that back again. I still can't believe that Claira is a kindergartener! x

bodaat said...

yay!! aarti party!! :)))