Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Too Much of a Hurry.

I witnessed the most appalling exhibition of rudeness directed at a cashier in my local supermarket this morning. It was entirely unwarranted as far as I could tell in that the cashier was doing his best to help this particular customer, but he just wasn't moving as quickly and efficiently as this customer wanted and expected him to.

This event really upset me at the time, enough so that I actually commented to the customer about how rude he sounded which probably wasn't the best idea in hindsight but really, I couldn't help it. As the day has gone on this incident has left me feeling quite sad.

Do we really live in a world where we think it is OK to dish out any amount of rudeness to anyone who happens to cross our path simply because we are in a hurry, or out of sorts, or angry at our spouse, or just having a bad day? Is this really the world we are raising our children to live in? Has it always been this way? Surely not, I seem to remember a much gentler, kinder world not so very long ago.

I am in no way trying to imply that I always behave with the utmost patience and graciousness in every situation, but it does seem to me that we are all in so much of a hurry these days that we sometimes lose sight of so much that is important. Things like patience, and respect, and basic good manners, and gratitude, and just plain kindness.

Am I the only person that feels this way? Is it just me, or do others experience situations like I did today and feel the same sadness I am feeling?


Christine B. said...

No, you are not the only one feeling like this. Just stop by walmart to see similar situations play out any day of the week.

I think it's even worse when it's a parent berating a child in public. I feel so bad for the little ones. Like you say, everyone has bad days, but we need to be responsible for how we react to situations. I'm glad you spoke up for the cashier. And I bet other people who witnessed what happened were glad you spoke up as well. Maybe it gave them courage to speak up in future.

Christine in Alaska

rohrerbot said...

It drives me nuts to see that behavior anywhere! I think we have more of it here in Arizona than in most places...but I have witnessed it in WI every now and again...the only difference here is that people can carry guns and you don't even need a license.?:(

Jenn said...

I try to be cheerful, polite and say a kind word because so many others simply can't be bothered.

Every generation says the next is going to h*ll in a haywagon.

With all the talk of founding fathers these days, just imagine how SHOCKED they would be at how rude our [their] society has become.

Mo said...

I really appreciate your comments my friends. Thank you. Sometimes I just feel like I want to run away from the world and all the bad stuff but I know I can't and that there is a lot of good out there to be found too. x

Amy said...

Good for you for speaking up, Michelle. It sounds as if that particular customer needed to understand just how obnoxious he/she was being and I'm sure the cashier appreciated that someone was sympathetic towards his/her position.

Try not to feel too blue though....there are plenty of good people out there (like you!)----they just aren't quite as vocal with their kindness as the others are with their hate.

Mid-life Midwife said...

Long ago, I used to wait tables. Working with the public is not a lot of fun, especially in a fast-paced environment. I would always appreciate it when another customer would "stand up" for me to a rude patron. It makes a difference for sure, so good for you for saying something.
Also, I think its important for everyone to have a hand in reminding each other to BE NICE! We can spread peace by being examples of peace-this I do believe. :)