Monday, August 2, 2010

Lizard or Gecko?

The other night I found and set free not one, not two, but three of these tiny little creatures from our bathroom. I like to think they were geckos although I am not sure why. They seemed to have rather big "fingers".

After a bit of research I found that determining the difference between the two can be difficult without a very detailed physical examination. Whatever they were they were very sweet and I am glad we have them around.

I was tempted to leave them hanging out in the house but was worried the dogs would harm them in some way. Hopefully they will find a good home outside and do their good work out there.

I got the summer squash planted and the yard tidied up quite a bit. What a perfect weekend for weather! Now I need to concentrate on getting ready for one final summer camping trip we are going on this week with friends.

The girls are back at school in two weeks which must mean the extreme summer heat is almost over.................really it's not? Oh well I can always dream!

Thanks to my resident nature expert Jenn I think we have an I.D on these little creatures. They look remarkably like mediterranean geckos to me and I now realize that these are what live in my compost boxes too. Thanks Jenn as always! :)


Carla said...

Hello, I just came across your blog today and will follow it. I have a brother who lives in Prescott AZ.

I like your little guy there, lizard or gecko he is a good friend to have in the garden. Our lizards are dark and much thinner than yours. I like them, but not in the house. Our cats like to catch them and bring them in the house! Most drop their tails so that is all they bring in.

Mo said...

Hi Carla, thank you so much for your interest. I really appreciate it! :)

We have a huge variety of types in our lizard/ gecko population. Spending so much time outside I get a lot of opportunity to watch them. I think these are young because they were very tiny and will probably get darker as they age. They look similar to the ones that adore living in my compost boxes.

Funny about your cats! I am glad they only catch the tails. One of my dogs Tex spends his days trying to catch them but never manages to. He enjoys it though.

jenn said...

We have two geckos in the Phoenix area, the native, western banded gecko:

and a vigorous import, the mediterranean gecko:

I have tons of the mediterranean guys in my yard, they eat ants and crickets. I welcome them, because crickets are also scorpion food, and I find the geckos much cuter than scorpions!

Mo said...

Thanks so much Jenn! You are totally my resident nature expert you know.

I realize that these in the house are probably mediterranean geckos, and also that the ones living in my compost box are as well. I am never sure about introduced species because so often they upset the balance of things, but this makes me somewhat happy probably because I know geckos also eat cockroaches, and I detest roaches!

Thank you! :)

rohrerbot said...

They look like geckos:) During the monsoon rains, they come into our place and hang sometimes off our a/c vent!! I screamed as one dropped in my hair during a nasty rain storm. Very shocking but I put the little guy outside away from the rain...and the second time, one our five cats caught one and they were all fighting to have at it....we saved the little guy. They eat lots of nasty bugs outside:) Love them around the lights.

bodaat said...

wow, that little guy has a huge head! :))

Jenn said...

I'll be following your progress with the vegetable garden. I've attempted a few tomatoes in pots but have only got some sad sack results. So you'll be paying me back with info in kind!

Not sure if I'm taking the full garden plunge. We are on a rental and my lands (lord and lady) like to see clean gravel. Sigh.

But I'm trying to learn these off-kilter seasons, and your garden helps this immensely! Cheers!

Mo said...

I am so glad I can help Jenn! :)

I hate the clean gravel look too and think the "mulchy gravel" look is much nicer and way more wildlife friendly. Thankfully we don't have an HOA so we can get away with that and a bit more where we live.

Check our Greg Peterson's marvelous Urban Planting Guide here-
for the planting seasons in the desert. It is my planting bible and I have had some great results. Then when you have a permanent place you will be all ready to go!

Christine B. said...

You are a brave lady. Had I discovered moving things in the tub, it would have at least elicited an involuntary shriek. No lizards in my state, much to my kids' chagrin.

Christine in Alaska