Friday, August 20, 2010


Seldom do I hear a piece on NPR in the morning that makes me choke on my fair trade java, but that is exactly what happened today.

Listen HERE !

After doing more research I come to find that this issue is everywhere on the Internet and that claims have even been made that crumpling these packets is harmful to ones hearing. Yes, really!

Seriously? Is this what people are doing with their time these days? Aren't chip packets supposed to be noisy?

For the record, I love your compostable Sun Chip packets Frito Lay! Thank you for taking the time and trouble to develop and produce them, and I will be buying your product specifically for it's innovative and environmentally conscious packaging considerations, oh and because Sun Chips taste so good.

Now I am off to wake up the girls. I think I have a packet of Sun Chips somewhere, opening that up should work......


Amy said...

I'm with you Michelle....I LOVE Sun Chips. And I like their new bags too. Noise or no noise.

rohrerbot said...

I went to Trader Joses and bought some pita chips with hummums...yum:) Sometimes you just have to turn your dial:)

leaner said...

I have to admit that I dislike the sound of the bags and the feel of them. Though I rarely eat Sun Chips.

Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Sun chips have always been one of my favorites. I was unaware however that they were enviromentally concious in their packaging! Thanks for letting us know.