Thursday, August 19, 2010

Swiss Chard and Pesto

I planted beets, carrots, and swiss chard yesterday. In my opinion swiss chard is one of the very best veggies for us desert dwellers to grow. It grows well in poor soil it seems, and goes on for months if tended to occasionally. I only pulled mine out back in July and could probably have kept it going longer if I had continued to care for it. It is also a very versatile vegetable. I use it many different ways and often use it in place of spinach. It is my absolute favorite vegetable to grow and eat. I hope it grows fast so I have some again soon!

I also made a huge batch of pesto yesterday which I froze. I had enough pesto from last summer in the freezer to last pretty much all winter. Now that I make my own pesto I struggle to eat the stuff that comes in jars even though I used to love it. It is simply not the same as home made.

The weather remains hot and extremely humid. I have never been to the deep south in the summer but I imagine this is close to how it feels. I am constantly sweaty, a feeling I am not used to here in the normally dry desert. We did get some rain the night before last but it didn't bring any real and lasting relief. Did I mention that I am more than ready for this weather to be done?

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