Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Can't stand them! I mean really, they are the bain of my life. I just get my cucumber and zucchini plants looking all green and lush and lovely, and am eagerly awaiting their bounty one day, and the next, they are literally smothered in aphids. Infested! I have never seen as many in one place as there are on the cucumbers. I am sure they are absolutely loving this never ending hot weather too. Great! I have done what I can for now with soapy water in a spray bottle, and removed as many of the most heavily infested leaves as I could without destroying the plants, and I will now just have to remain vigilant. They are certainly here to stay but I can probably control them enough to get a decent crop of squash and cucumbers, at least I hope so because they are smothered in flowers and are so ready to produce.

In other equally depressing news, our bath tub has been leaking for god knows how long underneath the tub. I dread to think what it is like under there, and can hardly bear to think of the upheaval removing the tub will cause, but it has to be done. Our bathroom is in a dreadful state actually and we are toying with getting it remodeled which will be pricey I am sure but has to be done eventually if we ever hope to sell this house. I have lots of dreamy green building ideas for sustainable counter tops and low flow faucets and yet I feel strangely exhausted by the whole thing. I don't know where all my energy and enthusiasm went but I would surely like to have it back!


Jenn said...

I'm hoping that cooler weather will revive my energy levels.

I've been told that October 15th is the magic turn date for our season. Can't wait!

Mo said...

Me too Jenn, me too! Let's hope that date is indeed magic for us all! x

Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Awwww Mo, that's awful. I too know what it feels like to get those aphid infestations. We got overrun in our zuchinni plants this year and impatient me, I just ripped the plants out. Watch the ants....if you see ants around your plants they are probably farming aphids. We had to put ant poison around our greenhouse to keep them out. Well, hopefully you will be getting some cooler weather soon.

rohrerbot said...

Oooooo bathroom remodeling...pricey. I know it's expensive but think about how you'll love your bathroom after you're done making it your own masterpiece:)
This weather is for the birds...and not even. The plant's leaves are starting to say, "I give up." I agree with Jen...October 15th tends to be the know the one where you walk outside and say, "What happened?" and then you think, "Fall is here!!!" I can't wait for that day:)

bodaat said...

oooh, i hate aphids too! they're so pesky and they're so ugly too. i hope your veggies can make it through!