Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome Back!

I am very happy to see that I have a Rustic Sphinx Moth caterpillar or two on my orange bells again this fall. I had them a couple of years ago but didn't see them last year.

They are absolutely amazing to me these huge, green creatures that look like something from out of space. We certainly don't get anything quite like this in the UK where our caterpillars tend to be much smaller and less dramatic. They are very welcome to feast on my orange bells for as long as they desire.


rohrerbot said...

I have discovered that there are more of these guys hiding in the garden on the orange bells.....these things are huge!! I must work out in the garden this week....but the heat...ohhhh, when will it be over??!!

Mo said...

I just spent three hours out there this morning. It really isn't too bad although it is heating up of course! I am guessing it will finally be over around halloween, with a minor heat up again early November. What a ray of sunshine I am this morning! :)

Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Great pics of a very interesting caterpillar. That sphinx moth must be very close kin to the one that I posted on my blog in August. The one I was seeing in my backyard was a white lined sphinx moth. I would have loved to have seen the caterpillar stage.

rohrerbot said...

I had to share with you that we were playing with these guys last night in class. It was hilarious watching people handle them. Did you get any rain last night? Anyhow,I thought I'd share this because I didn't know that these catepillars did this....but apparently they did holes in the ground to do their transformation. Hence the little tunnels I find in the garden. Anyhow, I'm off into the garden now to get some things into the ground before it gets will:) Enjoy your Sunday!