Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gardening is a Funny Old Business!

I seem to have totally lost my green thumb! Nothing is growing as planned this Fall and the amount of actual veggies I have managed to grow this year, (with the exception of the constantly reliable swiss chard), is truly pathetic!

I finally pulled all the cucumbers. They were totally taken over by aphids despite my valiant attempts at saving them so I admitted defeat. I didn't get one cucumber either! Could it have been because I planted them so close to the sage I wonder?

The zucchinis aren't doing great either. I mean the plants and flowers are, but I've only had a handful of actual squash. Time to hand pollinate I think. So strange because there doesn't seem to be a shortage of bees buzzing around the flowers.

On the other hand things that I didn't even plant continue to do well. I have two more melons from the self seeded melon plant which brings the total to six these past few months. A very welcome and unexpected bonus in an otherwise dismal vegetable growing year.

My pepper plants that I seeded very early in the year and were pathetic all summer to the point that I gave up on them are finally flourishing and have tons of peppers on them. Very nice!

The Fall crops that I re- seeded seem to be mixed yet again. The beets are doing well and the carrots have sprouted, but no leeks yet. Seriously? I am wondering whether my little patch just needs a complete rest for a while. Over farming may be a problem I fear.

The weather has been GLORIOUS! Perfect in the early mornings and dare I say it even a little chilly? I finally feel energized and enthusiastic about everything again. It has been a long time coming but I really think triple digits are done, for this year at least.


fullfreezer said...

It has been a bizarre garden year all around. Some things did extremely well, others, that are usually great performers, were only marginal at best. Who knows. I don't think it's that you've lost your green thumb.

rohrerbot said...

Yeah you can say it....a little chilly:) It's great1

Marilyn said...

Yes, glorious weather! Isn't it wonderful to open the door, go outside and feel the fresh cool air?? (instead of the oven blast!) I'm taking a bit of break right now from our fall plantings today-so excited to be digging in the dirt again....I'll post what I'm doing on the blog. p/s don't lose heart-I lost ALL my tomatoes this year-but fall is my favorite planting time.

Mo said...

Thanks for the encouragement Judy, I really need it! I am just off to plant some nursery stock plants which I seldom do but I am getting desperate for some veggies! :)

Isn't it just! :)

Looking forward to seeing what your garden is growing Marilyn! x