Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold Enough?

This was a fountain just around the corner from where I live at 10 am yesterday morning. Since then it has become even more icy! Very unusual to see a sight such as this here in Phoenix but it has been COLD!

Oh, and I love it of course! :)

Is it cold enough where you are?


fullfreezer said...

Oh, it's lovely- in an icy kind of way. My BIL in Houston, TX was complaining that their pipes froze- they're not used to cold weather or prepared for it. We had -15F this morning. I guess you could say that it's cold here.

Mo said...

-15 degress F, I can hardly even comprehend that Judy! The coldest temp I have ever experienced was 10degrees F in Chicago years ago and it literally took my breath away! Hope you are keeping warm! x

rohrerbot said...

This is terrible....all these plants are going to disappear!! All this work and for nothing! It's not the summer that kills plants; it's our overnight lows during the winter and today was really really cold here. Stay warm.

Mo said...

I am sorry Rohrerbot! :( I am resigned to the fact that some plants may not make it though I have to say most I have had for several years and all have made it through before. The damage often looks bad but they come back. Make sure you give everything plenty of time to grow back. It can take months before they get new growth sometimes. Good luck! x

Esther Montgomery said...


Not my idea of Arizona!


Christine B. said...

Yes, it's cold enough. In fact, it's so cold I have about twenty spare cold degrees I could lend to any state or country that is feeling too warm right now.

If it's over 30 degrees, I'm happy.

Christine in Alaska, unhappy


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Carly said...


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Barbee' said...

That photo is so pretty! Lacy. Oh, yes, plenty cold. Got warm, now it is cold again. Regardless, spring is truly here. Every time I eat an orange, I think of Phoenix. Only been there once. I remember the streets lined with orange trees, and they were full of large orange oranges. Amazing to me.