Monday, June 27, 2011

New Vegetable Garden

My amazing husband has been working very hard in the summer heat and has now finished my new vegetable garden! This is what it was like before,

and this is what it looks like now.

I have loads more space and it will be much easier to get around it too. I am already planning what to plant for our fall season which starts in August.

Now Robert is working on re landscaping the rest of the backyard. Pictures to follow!


Esther Montgomery said...

I thought you'd stopped posting so I stopped visiting.


Enjoy your new vegetable garden.

It looks as if it might be as exciting as a new exercise book - full of dreams.


Mo said...

Thanks Esther! I have been so busy lately that I have taken rather a break. Really wanting to get back though as loads of new things to blog about. Thanks for visiting again, I will pop over and see you later today too my friend. x

Marilyn said...

So glad to see you back also! I need other AZ gardeners inspiration in this terrible season-ug. My garden is turning into crispy critters!

Mo said...

It is rather hot for veggies now isn't it Marilyn! I am planning for fall like mad and trying not to think about the next three months of heat! Lovely to hear from you. x

Jenn said...

Nice work! Very pretty.

Mo said...

Thank you Jenn. The credit goes entirely to my DH! :)