Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good News

I was very happy to hear a couple of days ago that the Wallow Fire in eastern Arizona was 95% contained! It is interesting to me to see how media coverage of a fire such as this dies down as the weeks pass and communities and homes are no longer threatened, but this doesn't mean that it is over. While most have forgotten about it elsewhere the firefighters are still working, and the people who live there are still very much affected.

It was good news for us to hear that our friends who live up near Alpine have been home for a week or so and that their property was untouched by the fire. We were of course not able to go and stay there this year, (we usually go in June), however, that was a very small price for us to pay compared to what they have all gone through, and we are already looking foward to next year. I fully expect the landscape will be look different to what we are used to but I am ready for that now. Our friend tells us that they are seeing and hearing many animals around their place, and that they are optimistic that the landscape will recover relatively quickly. I am glad.

We are going camping this week up to the cool pines of northern Arizona. It will be a relief to get away from the searing heat and ever increasing humidity that is Phoenix in July.

Happy July 4th everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe day.

P.S We made a little over $400 yesterday at the garage sale for our Walk to Defeat ALS. Very happy with that!! :)


Amanda said...

That is good news. And well done with the garage sale - that's an impressive sum!

Esther Montgomery said...

Have a great camping trip in the cool.