Monday, July 25, 2011

Nests. (This post is for you Jenn).

Living in the suburbs is hard for me. I grew up surrounded by nature in England and find the sterility of the Phoenix suburbs to be depressing and stifling.

Many people in my neighbourhood don't seem to like things outside that grow, or move, or make a mess, none of which I particularly mind. As a result my goal for our backyard was to plant lots of trees and plants that would require little water, which would in turn encourage nature to live here in our little piece of desert. It seems to have worked! This past spring we had many more nests in our trees and shrubs, and we enjoy a wide array of birds, lizards and gecko's, and snakes..... king snakes I might add which are a welcome addition to our home.

Here are some of our nests,

I nearly didn't see this one hidden and suspended in a creosote bush until I saw the opening!

Here are the remains of a quail nest under a cactus in the front yard after the chicks had hatched out. I wanted to get a picture of the Mother sitting on her eggs but I was worried about disturbing her. This is the second year they have nested in this exact spot and I have a baby quail story for another post later.

The next two nests are I think goldfinch or warbler nests and we have at least five of these around the front and back yards.

And this is my favorite nest of all. I am not sure what was nesting in it although I have a feeling it may have been a mourning dove.

I love the way there is so much stuff woven into it including mesquite bean pods and even a piece of plastic. Very ingenious!

I will never tire of watching the life that exists outside in this suburban desert environment if we will just be willing to give it a home, a place to grow and thrive.


Esther Montgomery said...

How nice to have birds. I wake each morning to the sound of gulls, sparrows and collared doves with an occasional blackbird - but none come in my garden because of cats. (Though they visit our gutter and the top of our bay tree from time to time.

fullfreezer said...

Lovely nests! I also love the way birds weave interesting things into their nests.
Great photos.

Rohrerbot said...

I'm glad you're making the suburb area a little more friendly to wildlife. I know how you feel about the sterile environments...cookie cutter landscape design is difficult. You'll get all kinds of critters as everything matures:) The butterflies this time of year are out of this world!

Jenn said...

I ma very happy to have a backyard that the birds frequent. I think your enclosed nest held a vireo. I've seen these birds near nests like this at my old work.

And I have lots of lizards and geckos. These little guys are so much fun to watch. The dogs are forever trying to catch them. Good luck with that, gang!

Thanks, Mo. Appreciate the green, I do.

Jenn said...

I think the creosote nest, with the larger exit hole, might be a cactus wren. The size and shape is right.

Mo said...

Thanks Jenn for your thoughts and expertise! I think you are right about the small enclosed nest being a vireo nest because I have been seeing a small brown bird with a very loud and repetitive call hanging around a lot recently and I think it is a vireo. I hope the creosote bush nest is a wren's nest. Very exciting to have so many birds nesting back there. :)