Saturday, July 30, 2011

Never enough time...

The other day I only achieved two things from my "to do" list....I made pesto and put it in the freezer, and went through my old seeds to see what I will need for fall. That is it! There never seems to be enough time to do everything that I want and need to do while still functioning as a Mother to my two lovely girls which of course is my main priority, and managing to keep our house slightly less than filthy.

That is why sadly I probably wont be signing up for this wonderful "Ten Steps to Being an Urban Farmer Boot Camp" that starts in September and is run by the inspiring Greg Peterson. I would so love to do this but now is not the time for me because I simply have too much else going on. Did I mention that I am drumming in a band these days? No? Well, don't get too excited, it is early days but we are having a lot of fun with it and that is the main thing. I'll let you know when we get our first gig and in the meantime it is back to the "to do" list for me this weekend!


fullfreezer said...

Oh, I love pesto... but honestly, after today, I've about had enough of basil- as amazing as that sounds. The band sounds like so much fun. And I SO understand the problem of not having enough time!

Mo said...

Judy, that does sound amazing! I love the smell of basil, it makes me feel happy and light for some reason. Yes, time....not sure what to do about that one. It is pouring with rain here now, lovely! :)

Lucy said...

I like basil but I don't like pesto.

I wish someone would invent a self-cleaning house.

You mentioned a while back that you drum - but not that you are in a band.

I don't drum but, if I did, it strikes me it would become the most important thing in my life. I'd probably have to get the rest of the family to drum too if ever they were to see me!

Jenn said...

Drumming! Fund and good for you!

My husband does Taiko drumming. It's good to have a hobby that's just for you!