Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Rains

We had a great camping trip up near Flagstaff. Fun times with good friends. Lots of laughter, cool nights, and lots of rain too! The summer rains have been pretty good so far this year and it rained a lot every day while we were up there. There was a downpour the morning we left and we all got completely drenched, and so did all of our stuff. The tent was as muddy as if we had been camping in England. Luckily after washing it out it only took an hour or so to dry on the line back here in the valley. The summer heat is good for some things after all!

Emily learned to ride her bike while we were up there. Another childhood milestone achieved!

When we arrived home this is what my back yard looked like,

Once finished this "river" is to be filled with river rock to make a desert wash but after all the rain it looked like a real river. Everything is very green outside even here with the rain and humidity and I do like it. The moisture gives me a sense of comfort I don't usually feel here in the desert, it makes me feel more secure in some unfathomable way I can't explain.

Now I am home I am overwhelmed with a long list of things that I must achieve. I have to get outside today and clear up all the mesquite beans that have fallen off my trees. (You can see piles in the picture above but there are many more now). I guess I wont be grinding them into flour again this year. At least they make great compost!


Esther Montgomery said...

So many beans! So much water! I don't know about beans but I don't associate you with rain!


Rohrerbot said...

LOL!!! Those mesquite pods are a pain aren't they? Glad you had a nice trip with the family up to Flag. There's always a million things waiting in the wings for us to do when we get back from holiday. It drives me nuts. I was gone a month and have barely scratched that list. Love the river:) All my best.

Mo said...

I know Esther, this years monsoon has been awesome so far though a drying trend is on it's way apparently. I love the rain. :)

Mo said...

Thank you Rohrerbot and yes, the pods are a pain! I have loads of baby Mesquite trees growing in unwanted places all over my yard as a result of not managing to collect every one. They have very deep roots too and are so difficult to collect. The shade the trees provide make them worth it though! Hope you had a lovely trip my friend!