Friday, August 12, 2011


I was working in the backyard all morning. I am trying to get the river rock wash finished so we can put in some gravel, and then it will all be done.... as much as the backyard of someone with a passion for growing things can ever be done.

As I turned over a few rocks I could hardly believe my eyes when I found these,

Here is a closer view,

One doesn't get a true sense of scale until one sees this picture,

and once I had made sure they were hatched eggs, I took this one,

They are the most beautiful, and most fragile eggs I have ever seen. I am assuming that they are some kind of reptile egg seeing as I found them under a rock. I am guessing that they are gecko eggs because there were loads of geckos in the area where I was working this morning in various stages of growth. Does anyone know for sure?

A great find!


leaner said...

How cool! No idea what they are, but our back yard is without geckos. We have a lot of baby lizards.

Mo said...

We seem to have lot of both lizards and geckos, more all the time it seems!