Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lazy Morning

I had planned to get up early this morning and get started with things but it didn't happen I am afraid. I worked late last night and was also tired after doing some yard work at my father in laws that needed doing in the afternoon. So, the girls and I are having a lazy morning and it feels quite nice.

I have many chores to do, washing to fold, and packing and organizing to do for our last camping trip of the summer. It is our annual trip with friends and we are all excited, just two nights but nice nonetheless.

The girls and I have planted the cucumbers and summer squash and we had a HUGE storm last night with what I think must have been close to an inch of rain, (it felt like it anyway), so everything outside got a good soaking. We also planted sunflowers against the wall at the top of my new garden which will brighten up a plain wall. I also plan to grow peas up against the eastern facing wall. When my Dad was here last he put tension wires up along that wall and they will be perfect for peas to climb up. I have a lot of work to do with the soil though because it is not good right now and I already used all the compost I had ready planting the summer squash and cucumbers. I am excited to have a proper fall garden again because I didn't really do one last year though I can't remember why exactly.

I can hadly believe that the girls go back to school next week. Emily will be in all day Kindergarten this year which is a real milestone for her and for me. I am sure it will be strange for a while.

Right, I must go and get this day started.


Jenn said...

Kindergarten. Exciting times ahead!

Mo said...

Indeed Jenn! :)