Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A story about a baby Quail..... and it has a happy ending!

You may remember this picture of the Gambel's Quail's nest that was under a cactus in our frontyard a couple of months ago. This is the second year running that they have nested there and from what I read here I understand that it is quite unusual to actually find one of these nests.

We had been watching the Mother on the nest from a distance for a while and got back from a camping trip to find that the eggs had all hatched and were gone. That evening Robert heard a very loud cheeping sound in the back of the garage and on closer investigation found the tiniest, fluffiest baby quail that had somehow become separated from it's flock and ended up in our garage. He immediately put it in a high sided box while we decided what to do.

We looked on the internet and found the number for a Quail rescue organization here in Phoenix called Arizona Covey which is run by a lady called Jeani Garrett. She takes in rescued Gambel's Quails and rears them in her home. We called her and spoke to a man who said to take the baby Quail right over which we did. It wasn't too far from where we lived thankfully because the baby Quail seemed to us to be getting rather distressed and weak.

When we arrived we handed over the baby to the man who took it into a room absolutely full of Quail's in various stages of development. The man said he expected our chick to do fine. The girls kept saying over and over how happy they were to have saved the little Quail. I love that there are people who devote their time and money to saving creatures like this. It makes the world a much better place.

Since then we have seen a family of Quail every now and again in our neighbourhood, two adults with at least nine babies. I am sure these are the ones our baby came from and I am glad to see that so many have survived because these birds are very vulnerable to other predatory wildlife.


Susan in the Pink Hat said...

And those babies are sooo cute.

Mo said...

I know Susan! Unfortunately in the heat of the moment I didn't think to get any pics, it was rather stressful trying to get the little guy to where he needed to be.

leaner said...

What a lucky baby to have been found by you!

Mo said...

Thanks Leaner though I am sure most would have done what we did. :)