Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Two news stories have been affecting me deeply over the past few days.

The eruption of violence in London and elswehere in the UK has left me feeling shocked and deeply saddened. I simply can't believe that this kind of senseless violence is occuring in the city where I lived, and loved to live just twelve years ago. I just spoke with my Mum and she said that the only thing keeping her going is the fact that groups of volunteers are now assisting with the clean up. That gives her hope she said.

The other tragic story that has really affected me is the one of an English school boy being mauled to death by a polar bear during an adventure expedition in Norway over the weekend. Four others were severely injured as they tried to fight the bear off. The bear was finally killed by an expedition leader. This is tragic on so many levels. I simply cannot imagine what the families of the slain boy, and those who were injured are going through right now. There has been a lot of discussion in the press that the bear was underweight, and it has also been reported that encounters of this kind could well become more common as sea ice retreats, and polar bears are forced to hunt further inland.

To be clear, polar bear attacks are rare and these youngsters were in an especially unique and vulnerable situation to encounter a polar bear in the way that they did, however this whole tragic scenario rings many warning bells for me.


Rohrerbot said...

A sign of things to come? Maybe. All I know is we can make a difference in our own lives. It's difficult sometimes to think like this when chaos is errupting all over the world. I find myself having to screen out the instant information as I get overwhelmed by it all. Hope your mom will feel safer soon.

Mo said...

Thank you my friend! You are right, perhaps I need to take a break from watching news for a short while?