Friday, September 16, 2011


As expected the rest of my lovely Agave Americana's are now showing damage from the agave snout weevil. I pulled out two yesterday and actually found two of the dreaded weevils inside. The rest are slowly falling over but don't seem quite ready to be pulled out easily yet. I plan to get rid of the lot tomorrow and search for any weevils that may be lurking. I am resigned to losing these agave's but really don't want to lose any others though only time will tell if this is going to happen.

My cucumbers are finally growing well and looking good in the veggie garden. I think the somewhat cooler temperatures have helped. On the other hand my summer squash plants just didn't grow at all so I have pulled them and sown more seeds though it may be getting a bit late now. This weekend I plan to sow carrots, beets and leeks.

The backyard landscaping project has stalled for now. I need to order top soil, and gravel to finish it off but things are busy around here. I am back in school and my band has it's first "gig" next Saturday which we are trying to get ready for though it isn't easy to get everyone together because we all have responsibilities such as work, kids etc. It will be great though if we can actually pull it off and I have been working hard practising every day which isn't too much of an effort because I love it!


Esther Montgomery said...

So sad about the agaves. I must be very heavy-heart making.

Good luck for the gig!

Jenn said...

Let me know if you would like some agaves. I have some in pots - I have no idea what kind they are but I'm happy to see them off to a good home if you need them!

Mo said...

I was kind of expecting it so that makes it not quite so bad. Thanks Esther..... very nervous! :)

Thank you Jenn, that is very kind! I am not sure what to do about my other agave's now, I would be so sad to lose them too but really don't want to have to use pesticides in my yard.

Jenn said...

You may have to use the bad stuff.

Do you follow Pam Penick? Her experience with the weevils:

Sounds like you might need to do a bit of soil cleanup at the site of the downed plants.

Mo said...

You know Jenn I did read about Pam's experiences with this pest! It came up in an original internet search I did when I first discovered I had them. I even applied diatomaceous earth as she did and it had no effect of course, there were still live weevils when I dug out all the agaves in the affected area yesterday. I found several live weevils which I hastily disposed of much as I hate to harm anything! I also searched through the soil too and found one more. I then removed all the agaves and put them in the trash as advised. Interestingly today there has been a lot of bird activity in that area of the yard. A woodpecker was poking around and several more birds that I inevitably could not identify! :) I am hoping they have done some soil clean up too. This makes me more concerned about using pesticide on my other agaves in the spring because what if I do and the birds eat the pesticide- affected weevils? I hate to think of this and it is a reason why I am so opposed to pesticides/ herbicides. I feel that these weevils are here to stay unfortunately because I am sure I didn't get them all yesterday and there must be more where they originally came from. I have had agaves for at least 8 years and have never until now had this issue. Thank you for your ideas, I really appreciate any, and all feed back!

Pam/Digging said...

I'm sorry to hear about your weevil losses. They are wreaking havoc on certain agaves and yuccas here in Austin as well. I just read an article by a San Antonio gardener: You may find it of interest too because he mentions the varieties of agave, yucca, and mangave that seem especially susceptible to the weevil. If you don't want to use the systemic treatment (which I totally understand), then you may want to stick with less affected varieties. It's hard to give up those beauties we've come to love and admire for their utility in the landscape though, isn't it?

Mo said...

Thank you Pam. I am calling them the evil weevils from now on! :) Your information was really helpful to me in relation to this so thank you for that and I will check out the article you mention. I do truly love agaves and hope to keep planting them in the future.