Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ALS Walk

The girls and I did the Scottsdale Walk to defeat ALS this past weekend. It isn't a long walk, only a couple of miles, but the whole point lies in the fact that we were able to walk it, unlike my cousin and others who are forced to live with ALS.

We raised $1,605 dollars for the Arizona Chapter of the ALS Association, way more than I imagined we could raise, and I am very grateful to those who contributed to such a worthy cause. It was a very special morning for us all, very emotional at times, and my cousin Alison was never far from my thoughts, though she is never far from my thoughts anyway.

In other news I have almost managed to plant my fall garden now. I still have swiss chard, spinach, lettuce and cabbage to plant. It is going to be cooler today, low eighties, so I am looking forward to doing that later with the girls. It will feel good to get it all planted at last though I have to admit it has been a good exercise in patience for me too.

The half landscaped backyard is driving me crazy but I am having to let it go for now. It probably wont get finished until next year but that it O.K and I am focusing on the parts that are finished and enjoying all the birds, some of which seem to be building nests again despite the time of year.

My back is about the same. I have a referral to a surgeon in two weeks time and I am glad though I never imagined I would be someone who needed back surgery. I have always believed in the bodys innate ability to heal itself but realistically there are occasions when this is simply not going to happen. How lucky we are that so much can be done these days. I think we often take modern medicine for granted and expect so much, and I am so grateful for the help I am getting.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have managed to get some of my fall seeds in but not without increased back and leg pain. This is so frustrating for me because I was pretty much just supervising the girls from the sidelines with minimal involvement other than kneeling and occasionally leaning over! It seems that even that was too much for my fragile disc and I have been rewarded with several days of pain again. Frustrating but something I am going have to deal with for the time being. A lesson in patience perhaps? Maybe but not one I am enjoying!

The physical therapist told me that even "badly herniated" discs can heal and repair but it will take time. I need to tell myself this and remind myself that this reduced activity is temporary and for that I am very grateful.

So, we have beets, carrots and leeks in as well as a variety of herbs and the cucumbers that actually have baby cucumbers on them now. I am due to plant swiss chard, lettuce, peas and cabbages this weekend though it will be a purely delegated job this time. We are due to have temps in the 100's again the next few days, (very unwelcome to be sure), and I may wait until this passes because the seeds that are left to be planted do not do well in warm soil. The nights will still be cooler thankfully so the soil may stay cool enough for them to germinate.

I am grateful to have girls as my garden helpers. Without them I may not be doing a fall garden at all this year!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall For Sure

I always know it really is fall for sure here when these amazing creatures arrive in our backyard. A welcome sight.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Saturday is my very favorite day of the week. Sometimes I have to work but not today and that makes me happy. I feel as though I have a whole day stretched ahead of me with endless possibilities and I am so grateful that I am comfortable today.

Poor Em is sick. I can honestly say that she has only ever been sick once before in her life as a baby when she had an ear infection. Since starting kindergarten however she has had a continuous cold, a cough, and now a fever and sore throat. Are viruses and illnesses really so different in elementary school compared to preschool? So I am planning a low key kind of a day. I have some homework to do and Kendra has said she will plant the seeds that need to go in while I supervise strictly from the sidelines. It is still quite hot but is finally predicted to get cooler next week.... low nineties? Hmm we shall see.

For now though I will go and walk around the yard with my coffee and enjoy the peacefulness and calm of these cooler "fall" mornings.